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Biblical canon, 2010. [Online]. Available:
Bible Origin - Word of God, 2010. [Online]. Available:
The author of this article claims that the Bible is of divine inspiration. We have included this to show a current Christian belief.
What about Those Who have Never Heard the Gospel?, 2010. [Online]. Available:
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This article is here to show a current belief about Scripture.
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Religion and Neurology (Lecture 1), in The Varieties of Religious Experience,, 1902.
"Being the Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion Delivered at Edinburgh in 1901-1902"
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J. Blake, Actually, that's not in the Bible, 2011. [Online]. Available:
M. Caputo, GALILEO AND GOD: A Chronological Analysis of His Beliefs on God, Religion and the Bible, 2005. [Online]. Available:
Besides telling about the beliefs and works of Galileo, this article also clearly tells some of the common beliefs about the Bible that has carried through to today.
J. BK Ho, The Truth About the Bible - Infallible Book of No Errors?, 2009. [Online]. Available: