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T. O. Leary, 5 Steps to an Effective Apology, 2008. [Online]. Available:
Whenever there is a disturbance in one of your relationships, you should genuinely apologize. It was partly your fault.
WikiHow Authors, How to Apologize, 2012. [Online]. Available:
A sincere apology involves more than a quick "I'm sorry"
J. A. Fowler, UNIVERSALISM: FORMS AND FALLACIES, 2004. [Online]. Available:
I have included this article to document how strongly religious people often attack others who disagree with them. I would suggest that "every major doctrine of the core foundational truths of orthodox Christianity" ought to be reexamined and left open to discussion. Just because something is seen as a "core foundational truths of orthodox Christianity" does not mean that it is correct.
affects of watching movies
Christian Answers, Violence in the media—How does it affect families?, 2001. [Online]. Available:
This article shows the affects of watching inappropriate movies
affects of music
B&F Moderator, Effects of song lyrics on behavior - scientific research., 2009. [Online]. Available:
This is a collection of abstracts of different articles on the affects of music. Also include are the comments.