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D. E. Pratte, Election, Predestination and Foreordination: Conditional or Unconditional, 1998. [Online]. Available:
I put this here as an example of someone who believes in hell and how that affects one's whole belief system. We do not agree with or endorse this teaching.
A. L. Dhammadharo, The Path to Peace and Freedom for the Mind, 1995. [Online]. Available:
 translated from the Thai byThanissaro Bhikkhu
S. L. Foster, Brennan, P., Biglan, A., Wang, L., and Al-Ghaith, S., Preventing Behavior Problems: What Works. Brussels, Belgium / Geneva, Switzerland: the International Academy of Education & the International Bureau of Education, 2002, p. 32.
This booklet is attached to the bottom of this page.
Overcoming a Negative Past
D. Logan, About The Book: The Dark Side of Leadership (working title), 2011. [Online]. Available:
This article tells about a book in progress. Part of the message of the book is that people who have had dark pasts can do great things.
B. Maher, Bragging about the Negatives, 2007. [Online]. Available:
This articles tells how to turn a strong negative into a strong positive.
G. L. McIntosh and (Sr.), S. R. D., Overcoming The Dark Side Of Leadership, 2011. [Online]. Available:
"Give you some specific steps for overcoming the dark side lurking on your success before ..... When dealing with the past be constructive, without placing blame. ..." The pdf article is attached to the bottom of this page.
no hell
M. Redding, There Is No Hell (part 1), 2010. [Online]. Available:
This is the first of a 6 article series. Use the web link to see the rest of the articles in the series.
B&F Moderator, Effects of song lyrics on behavior - scientific research., 2009. [Online]. Available:
This is a collection of abstracts of different articles on the affects of music. Also include are the comments.