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hell claimed to be
R. Velarde, Is Hell Real?, 2009. [Online]. Available:
I included this article to show what a typical "Christian" view of hell is.
D. E. Pratte, Election, Predestination and Foreordination: Conditional or Unconditional, 1998. [Online]. Available:
I put this here as an example of someone who believes in hell and how that affects one's whole belief system. We do not agree with or endorse this teaching.
D. P. M. Elliott, Does the Bible Teach the Annihilation of the Lost?, 1998. [Online]. Available:
The reason I put this article here is to show the way one religious teacher can use prejudicial language (which I've highlighted in blue) to cut down another religious teacher that he disagrees with.
H. Haraldsson, Looking for Christianity’s Satan and Hell in the Old Testament, 2011. [Online]. Available:
R. Timsah, What If God Is A Brutal Authoritarian?, 2012. [Online]. Available:
C. Walker Bynum, The Resurrection of the Body in Western Christianity, 200-1336. Columbia University Press, 1995.
Growth Stages
D. Logan, King, J., and Fischer-Wright, H., Tribal Leadership, 2011.
Although this was written about groups of people in a business culture, this concept of growth stages could be applied to person growth.
Wikipedia, Eusebeia (Godliness), 2011. [Online]. Available:
C. Seet, A Christian in a Non-Christian World, 2010. [Online]. Available:
E. R. Heavin, What Does It Mean To Be Godly?, 2011. [Online]. Available:
"Your godliness must be relevant and it requires dealing with the heart and the way to address the hidden secrets of the heart is to be introduced to God through incarnation (God becoming man……Jesus)" As I read this, the thought came to me "..... through incarnation...." God in US.
J. A. Fowler, Christianity Is Not Religion. ChristInYou.Net, 1998, p. 105.
D. Richard J. Krejcir, The Character of Godliness, 2005. [Online]. Available:
J. S. Jenkins, The Heroines of History. Rochester: Auburn; Alden, Beardsley & Co, 1852, p. Section III, Joan of Arc, Pages 139 & 140.
M. Caputo, GALILEO AND GOD: A Chronological Analysis of His Beliefs on God, Religion and the Bible, 2005. [Online]. Available:
Besides telling about the beliefs and works of Galileo, this article also clearly tells some of the common beliefs about the Bible that has carried through to today.
Fundamentals said to be
S. Simpson, The Five Basic Doctrines, 1999. [Online]. Available:
This is here to show what some people claim to be the basics or fundamentals
G. Nelson, Levels of Friendship, 2012. [Online]. Available:
Wikipedia, Philia, 2011. [Online]. Available:
W. Doud, Friendship, Submitted. [Online]. Available:
Although this article includes "witnessing", I refer to this article mainly as an example of different types of friendships.