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C. Thompson, “How did you find my site?” and Vannevar Bush’s memex, 2011. [Online]. Available:
While this article is about discovering how one found an article, for me it is such an alegory of how we come to faith, and how we continue to grow in faith. We come to faith through a myriad of connections that it is often hard for trace out the path that we followed to get where we are at. 
S. L. Foster, Brennan, P., Biglan, A., Wang, L., and Al-Ghaith, S., Preventing Behavior Problems: What Works. Brussels, Belgium / Geneva, Switzerland: the International Academy of Education & the International Bureau of Education, 2002, p. 32.
This booklet is attached to the bottom of this page.
G. Amirault, Is Salvation A Deliverance From Hell or Eternal Death?, 2011. [Online]. Available:
D. P. M. Elliott, Does the Bible Teach the Annihilation of the Lost?, 1998. [Online]. Available:
The reason I put this article here is to show the way one religious teacher can use prejudicial language (which I've highlighted in blue) to cut down another religious teacher that he disagrees with.
Sister Medhanandi, The Joy Hidden in Sorrow, 1996. [Online]. Available:
critical thinking
R. T. Carroll, Becoming a Critical Thinker: Chapter One - Critical Thinking, 2004. [Online]. Available:
See attached pdf file for the full document
confirmation bias
R. S. Nickerson, Confirmation Bias : A Ubiquitous Phenomenon in Many Guises, Review of General Psychology, vol. 2, 1998.
T. O. Leary, 5 Steps to an Effective Apology, 2008. [Online]. Available:
Whenever there is a disturbance in one of your relationships, you should genuinely apologize. It was partly your fault.
Conditional Security
G. Pockett, “Once Saved Always Saved” -- a dangerous delusion?, 2011. [Online]. Available:
I include this article so that both sides of this debate are presented.
Code of Ethics
W. J. Buchholz, Deciphering Professional Codes of Ethics, Proceedings of the Conference on Corporate Communications: Issues and Practices, 1988.
S. Pinker, A History of Violence: Edge Master Class 2011, 2011. [Online]. Available:
This article is about how violence has decreased in the world as the world has become more civilized.
Christianity Not Religion
J. A. Fowler, Christianity Is Not Religion. ChristInYou.Net, 1998, p. 105.
Character Education
S. Johnson and Hanson, K. O., Teaching Values in School: An Interview with Steve Johnson, Submitted. [Online]. Available:
This is a very interesting article about character development in schools which also can apply to everyday life. There are also other articles about character development on this website.