29 Oct 2010

Ongoing Forgiveness

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Throughout the course  of each day their are countless... that occur that can build resentment and bitterness. The process of forgiveness is monitoring and being constantly aware of our thinking. As each event happens that triggers a pain or ... response, then we consciously let it go. Whenever we feel hurt and want to withdraw, we instead reach out in kindness. With each .... we disarm it by proactively acting contrary to our emotions. We think kind thoughts and proactively do some acts of kindness to those who hurt us. To be ....

18 Oct 2010

Who are we to Love

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Our feelings towards others are largely based upon how we think about and how we treat others, and not as much upon how they treat us. Much of our thinking about others is based upon our own misconceptions and prejudices. Our own erroneous thinking causes us to act poorly towards others. This causes them to look upon us as enemies and for them not to trust us.


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