26 Jun 2010

Who am I?

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Who I am at home is who I truly am.

It is easy to try to be religious, spiritual, or to have others think that I'm a super person, a great "soul-winner" etc. But what I do when I'm at home shows me and everyone else who I truly am. How I treat my family reveals my true character.

11 Jun 2010

What's in Your Heart

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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The things that you consider special show the motives and condition of your heart. What do you want to do on your birthday that you consider really special? Now, look deep within and consider your motives? Can you be truly honest with yourself about why you want to do it? Is that desire all about yourself, about what you want, or is about how you can serve others?

4 Jun 2010

Inspiration of the Bible

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Scholars of today put such extreme inportance upon the Bible being the inspired Word of God. Many scholars quote 1 Tim 3:16. This thought just came to me. If it was indeed true that all the Bible was written by the Holy Spirity through men AND if it was important for us to know that, would not each author have included that fact within the context of his writing? If the Bible were of such extreme importance, would not each author have stressed the importance of the readers knowing that their writing was being written by the Holy Spirit?


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