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7 Jan 2013

Loving Your Wife, with and without sex

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Part of being a man is loving your wife no matter how she is feeling, no matter if she is grouchy, no matter if you get sex when you want it or not. This is learning to love in a very true sense with the love of God. When she says "no" it is so easy to feel hurt and to even feel bitter. But as a husband one must continually put those feelings aside, throw those emotions away. If you run away, then even the little bit of good times will also be lost. In a very real sense, we husband have to be continually reaffirming, loving and kind.

6 Jan 2013

The Events of The Bible

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Was there a real man named Jesus who lived 2000 years ago? Was he the "son" of God? Did he do any or all of the things that the Gospels say that he did? What does that mean? What is God?

Some Christians say that there is historical evidence that Jesus lived.

Some historians say that there is no record of Jesus in any of the contemporary writings of his time. There is only a brief mention of him in the writings of Josephus a hundred years later.


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