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17 Nov 2010

Thoughts about Repentance

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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For much of my life, whenever I heard a preacher preach about "repentance", I always thought of it as something like, a person had to be totally broken, kneeling "humbly" before God, and saying something like, "Oh God, I'm a horrible sinner. I'm not worthy to come to you, but I cry out to you. Change me...." The sinner had to admit his sin and recognize and admit the horribleness of it. (I'm being a little overly dramatic here, but, hopefully, you get the point.) But Jesus and the Bible didn't have that attitude.

14 Nov 2010

Who is the True Child?

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Who are the true children, those who were born to a parent, or those who are living the life worthy of bringing honor to the parent? If a child has come into a family by being born, and yet treats the parents with scorn and catempt, is that children a true child? In contrast, if a child wasn't born into the family, but was adopted instead.


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