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4 Jun 2010

Inspiration of the Bible

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Scholars of today put such extreme inportance upon the Bible being the inspired Word of God. Many scholars quote 1 Tim 3:16. This thought just came to me. If it was indeed true that all the Bible was written by the Holy Spirity through men AND if it was important for us to know that, would not each author have included that fact within the context of his writing? If the Bible were of such extreme importance, would not each author have stressed the importance of the readers knowing that their writing was being written by the Holy Spirit?

3 Jun 2010

Wisdom of Crowds

Submitted by Stephen Winters

A little while ago I read a book titled The Wisdom of Crowds that talks about how, in a crowd, there are people with all types of different thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Their ideas go from one extreme to the other, but when you let everyone express their views and beliefs and take an average of all the beliefs, the final outcome is very on target.


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