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2 May 2010


Submitted by Stephen Winters

What Does Brokenness Mean

What does Brokenness mean? What does it mean to be broken by God?

What Causes Brokenness

A lot of brokenness has to do with receiving the consequences of our own poor behavior. We have had previously been living for our own selfish motives, not caring who got hurt.


What is the Result of Brokenness

We can't seek brokenness ourselves because we seek it in areas where we can manage it, where it won't hurt too much. Many sing about or claim brokenness.

8 Sep 2009

Following God's Leading

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Much too often people have used the term “Following the Lord”….. to justify doing whatever they want to do. How often to people get tired of struggling or get tired of doing what is right, and then just justify running away by saying, “God told me to go….”. When someone uses the words “God told me… “ or “the Lord led me” etc., it is very easy to use these words to shut people up from asking more details.

5 Nov 2008

Input and Consequences

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Much of our lives are based upon the principle of stimulus = response, and cause = effect. Much of the time we get trapped in trying to change the consequences without changing the causes. For example, overeating is abounding in this country today, and with it all the diseases and illnesses caused by obesity. So, we try to change the symptoms without changing the behaviors that caused the problem (obesity and its accompanying side affects, disease, etc.) Our efforts would be better spent in changing us and our behavior.


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