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3 Jan 2016

What Am I?

Submitted by Stephen Winters

As I look around me and look on the Internet I see many labels by which people call themselves. "I am a Christian." "I am a ex-Christian", ,"I am a non-Christian", "I am a Baptist.", "I am a Budhist." and so on.

As I look at all this, I ask myself, "What am I?"

2 Dec 2015

True love is from God and is based upon who He is; "God is Love." Because He is love, he is the source of all true love.

Now what does that mean? God loves because that is who he is. That is His nature. We are his children. As his children, we take on the character and nature of God: therefore we are love. We love because that is who we are. Also, remember,  love is a verb,  it is a "being"  and "doing" word.  Love is who we are and, because of that, love is what we do.

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18 Oct 2015

Love Your Wife

Submitted by Stephen Winters

You CAN love your wife deeply, even during the times that you don't "feel" love. True Love is not a feeling. True Love is a verb. Love involves the things that you think, say, and do. It has properly been said, "Proper emotions follow proper actions."

16 Oct 2015

The Laws of Life.

Submitted by Stephen Winters


Many of our problems in this life happen because events and ... happen according what we told ... to do. The problem is often that we don't know what we told .. to do.

This life is set up to operate by specific guidelines and proceedures (often called laws). When we violate those laws, then we cause problems both to ourselves and to others.For example, some of the principles of life are:



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