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13 Jun 2015

Over the past two or three months I have been helping to plan a men's retreat . Part of the focus of the retreat, which was last weekend, was being men of character and learning to willingly serve our wives. As part of that I have been doing a lot of thinking about the type of husband that I want to be, which is to act kindly and considerately towards her at all times and to put her need before my own.

13 Apr 2015


Submitted by Stephen Winters

Our teenage son really wants to play football. He'd like to (hopefully) play football during the last 2 years of high school so that he might be able to go to college on a football scholarship.

My wife and I have been opposed to the idea. Over the past few weeks I


The thought seemed to come to me is can we trust God? Our son seems to be bent in a different way than we would like him to go. He goes out to play football with this friends any chance that he gets.

As I was out riding my bike yesterday afternoon

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6 Mar 2015

24 Hour Men's Retreat

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Earlier in my life, I went through 12 years of counseling (which ended in 2006). During that time I was a part of several groups where we really got real with one another. They were not Bible Studies (I've had my fill of those), but rather they were groups where we shared our deepest pains and failings. We supported and encouraged one another. Ever since I left counseling (and the last group ended) I have desired to find another such group. I have been part of a men's Bible study group that lasted for about 2 years, but that didn't meet the need to be real.

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