31 Jan 2011

Portals to the Dark Side

Submitted by Stephen Winters


Portals are merely openings or entrances to another place. They can be either good or bad. In this writing we are describing portals to irresponsibility or the dark side.

The portal has enticing sites, sounds, and smells the draw the ignorant to it. The portal is often located close to a seeming desirable location. The progression into the portal can seem very inoculous and seemingly harmless. The path to the portal dull the senses. Invisible vines reach and slowly wrap themselves around the legs, minds, and perceptions. Portals have fingers that reach our and entice us to come closer. Portals trigger our weaknesses. Weaknesses are those things that call us to take the easy way out.

The hidden message of portals is that we can have what we want without any effort, that we are right and others are wrong. We don't need any advice, we are the smart ones. It tells us to compartmentalize, that if part of it seems OK, then it is OK. It appears as an angel of light to try to deceive even the elect.

The way out of the trap is painful and hard to find, very few find it. The path to freedom is to become real, to admit and confess our wrongful thoughts and behaviors, to put our selfish side to death, over and over again.

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