7 Oct 2011

Salvation Means Healing

Submitted by Stephen Winters
TitleSalvation Means Healing
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsSiegfriedt, RKF
Access Year2011
Access DateOct 7, 2011
Last Update Date9/5/04
PublisherSt. Jude The Apostle Episcopal Church
Keywordssalvation, saved

The word salvation has been hijacked by many different groups of Christians in recent years. It has been misinterpreted, used as a weapon for submission or control, and has basically lost its vitality and power to keep us on the road to abundant life. While there are many interpretations of salvation in the Bible, I would like to define salvation using modern terms and thinking. Salvation is the healing of the human race; the process by which we are transformed into the likeness of Christ. Salvation comes from the Latin word, salve, which has the meaning of healing. So instead of making you nervous by asking you if you are saved, I would like to ask you this instead. Are you healed? Are you whole? Is the human race healed and whole? And if you and the human race are not healed and whole, then what must you do in order to experience true healing?

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