26 Oct 2011

Religion versus true faith: What is your worldview?

Submitted by Stephen Winters
TitleReligion versus true faith: What is your worldview?
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Year of Publication2011
AuthorsRaj, F
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Access DateOct 26, 2011
Last Update DateJuly 17, 2011
KeywordsChrist Follower - Not Christian

Everyone possesses a worldview, and whether we realize it or not, it tells more about us perhaps than any other aspect of our life or character. Few among us can tolerate the notion that our worldview may be based on a false premise and, consequently, our whole life headed in the wrong direction.

But regardless of whether you come from Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or any other religions, you can have real faith without religion; though most people have religion without genuine faith.

Nonetheless, fragments of the truth are scattered everywhere, and I like what the reverend Lowell Grisham has to say about learning from other beliefs. Growing up in Mississippi in the days of the Civil Rights struggle, Grisham feels strongly about the need for tolerance in a diverse society and admits he learned the following from other religions:

“From Buddhism I have learned a sense of the interdependence of all life and the non-dual oneness of the contemplative experience.

From Hinduism I have learned the richness of a mythology that is embracing and inclusive of the complexity of human experience, while honouring the divine in the midst of it all..... etc.

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