8 Dec 2011

About The Book: The Dark Side of Leadership (working title)

Submitted by Stephen Winters
TitleAbout The Book: The Dark Side of Leadership (working title)
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLogan, D
Access Year2011
Access DateDec 8, 2011
Last Update DateNov 15, 201
Keywordsleadership, Overcoming a Negative Past, Using Our Dark Side for Good

The Dark Side of Leadership (working title) seeks to help readers find their dark side, map it, and use it without being possessed by it. In particular, this book tries to aid readers form a tension with their dark side, which makes them the type of leaders that can change the world while withstanding the pressures of people who don’t want the world to change.

Several factors inspired this study:

1. The realization that there are three types of leaders, and one of these types is exceptionally rare and effective. The first are the “Jimmy Carters” (a reference to his days in the White House). With great respect for the former president, he didn’t seem to have a dark side, and as a result, was a wimpy leader. The second are the “Eliot Spitzers.” With less respect to the former New York governor, some people are possessed by their dark side, taking actions that look insane in the light of public scrutiny. But until their “fall,” this second group appears strong and bold—far more effective than the first type. After the fall, they are never trusted again. The third type are those who tap energy from their dark side, while never succumbing to its temptation. One who has found this sweet spot, but not always stayed there, was Steve Jobs. This third group comes across as having gravitas and higher aspirations—once in a generation leaders.

6. Great talent happens in the lives of people with large dark sides. While dealing with the darkness of addiction, suicidal tendencies, etc., these individuals often produce art that teaches us all about the range of human experience.



This article tells about a book in progress. Part of the message of the book is that people who have had dark pasts can do great things.

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