3 Jan 2012

The Joy of Journaling

Submitted by Stephen Winters
TitleThe Joy of Journaling
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAnton, LS
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Access DateJan 3, 2012
Last Update Date2006
KeywordsJournaling, Writing

Don't be surprised if during your next office visit, your doctor hands you a prescription for a journal with instructions to write a minimum of 30 minutes a day! 

That's right. Medical science has discovered what we writers have known for a long time...the benefits of journaling. According to research documented in the Journal of the American Medical Association, April 14, 1999, persons suffering from asthma and rheumatoid arthritis significantly reduce symptoms by "expressive writing." Writing about (stressful) life events helps to put things into perspective. 

In the same way, journaling helps a writer to organize their feelings and thoughts and improves their perspective. Keeping a journal is also an excellent way for wanna-be writers to get into the habit of writing regularly. This not only improves writing and boosts confidence, but increases awareness and sparks creativity as well. 

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