31 May 2010

Name Calling

Submitted by Stephen Winters

I've noticed that many leaders of all types call people names. It is especially sad when religious people call others that they disagree with various name. In the ancient times the Jews called Jesus names.... They used the terms Blasphemy ... Child of the devil ...

Throughout the ages, they have used terms like "Heretic", "Herasy" etc. as an excuse to murder people with differing beliefs.

Modern day religious people still call people name who have differing beliefs, although they use different names and different degrading terms. For example, some of the modern day... are "New Age conspiracy" "conterfeit Jesus", heresy, and others.

Why do religious people call others names? I recently read something that makes sense.

"It’s easier and takes less intelligence to throw a stone at someone who disagrees with you than to sit down and present logical reasoning for what you believe, then listen to the opposing viewpoint and recognize some truth in it."1

I wonder if much of that isn't true. How many Christians really take the time to examine and think deeply about the things that they say that they believe. It takes a lot of time and effort to think deeply about anything.

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