13 Apr 2012

What is Proof?

Submitted by Stephen Winters
TitleWhat is Proof?
Publication TypeManuscript
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsPhilip, DJC
Type of WorkA Calvin Research Group Academic Resource, Module 010P1
KeywordsWhat is Proof?

We live in a millennium that is saturated with discoveries, proof, and evidence.
There is an explosive growth in science, technology and even litigation, each one of
which requires proofs and evidences. Since there is such an all-round need for
proof, most people think that establishing truth is a simple affair.

Almost everyone in the world thinks that anything in the world can be proved or
disproved. They are wrong in thinking so. At present only a well-defined set of
things can be proved. These range from mathematical upto historical truths,
provided the well-developed canons for proof in the respective areas are used.
Anything that violates these canons is not a proof even if they are presented by the
most respected scholar in the most sophisticated manner.

Citation KeyctkeyWhatIsProofPhilip
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