4 Jun 2012

If There Is A God, Why Are There Problems, Evil, and Disasters In The World?

Submitted by Stephen Winters

From time to time you hear the question, "If there is a God, then why do bad things happen? Why is there evil, disasters and tragedies in this world?" I don't have the answers to that question. But I do have some thoughts. It has been said that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Many good things have come out of seeming tragedies.

If nothing bad every happened, then would there be any need for anyone in the helping professions? Would we need any doctors, nurses, medical personal, police, soldiers, or fire fighters? Many people

Also, would there be any need for donations or volunteers?

Tragedies and hard times are part of the catalist that brings people together and helps them connect with each other. It helps many people have a sense of meaning and purpose to their lives. Many of these people have a sincere desire to help others.

 One of the consequences of seeming tragedic events is that those things bring with them a lot of meaning and purpose into the lives of many people. Think of all the tremendous advances that have occurred in the fields of medicine, mental health, police, fire fighting, etc. because of all the people lwho have suffered greatly. with great suffering comes the opportunity for great compassion and ....  Becaue of the disasters and ...  many people realize much meaning and purpose in their lives that may not have been possible otherwise. The greater the suffering and disaster, the greater the opportunity for real meaning and purpose for many people.

Thnk about it, would you and everyone else want to be just farmers, using horse teams and wagons, for the rest of your lives? If there were no disasters, no sickness, not problems in this world, there would be no need to anyone in the helping professions.


In addition, we mature much quicker when we have to work through problems and challenges. By contrast, people who grow up with no problems and no challenges tend to be very immature.

If nothing bad ever happened, would there be any motivation or inspiration for people to improve their lot in life. Would things just go on endlessly the same? Would any of the great advancements in medicine .... have come about. Of course, the flip side of that, is that they wouldn't be needed, and there wouldn't be any needed for the people who are in those professions.


Disasters and tragedies often bring people together in some very meaningful ways.

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