19 Jun 2012

Words Have Meanings

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Words and labels meanings. What you give something a label, you label it according to what it is or what it does. For example, a tool that is used to drive screws into wood is called a "screwdriver". In another example, in years long ago a person who made pottery was called a potter.

However, when something is personafied, then the meaning is often disregarded. Let us take a look at the word "Spirit". Putting any form of personification aside, let's look at what the word actually means.


God gave us his "spirit" (his desires, his character, his mental disposition, his way of thinking and looking at things) so that we can truly be his children. Just to say that we have "the Holy Spirit" as a person "living" inside us is lud


Let's take this further. It says that God is a spirit. There are two ways that we can take this.   ..... the  other way to say it is that God is (among other things) a mental dispostion, etc.


Let's take a look at the word "god". if there is only one god, and not other gods, then why are we told in the ten commandments to "have no other gods". How can we have other gods if there is only one God. That makes no sense. An allegory to this might be going into a small room that only has one mirror in it. The you are sent into the room and told to "don't look into any other mirrors in this room except that one mirror. Well, there is only one mirror in the room. There is no possibility of looking into another mirror. Well, in the same way, if there is only one god, why are we told not to have any other gods except that one? Does that make any more sense than only looking into the one mirror where there is only one mirror.

Well, maybe when we put aside the personification and look at the meaning of the word god, maybe there is more to it that we normally think. Let's go back to the thought that "God is spirit" Another way of putting this might be something like this: god = spirit.  If God is truly spirit, what does that mean? Among othing things, spirit is the essence of something. For example, when we say that someone is keeping the "spirit" of the law we mean the he is keeping the essence and meaning of the law. When we look at spirit, we look beyond the mre external down into the true meaning and essence of something.

And yet we know that God is more than just spirit. He is also a creative force

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