6 Mar 2015

24 Hour Men's Retreat

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Earlier in my life, I went through 12 years of counseling (which ended in 2006). During that time I was a part of several groups where we really got real with one another. They were not Bible Studies (I've had my fill of those), but rather they were groups where we shared our deepest pains and failings. We supported and encouraged one another. Ever since I left counseling (and the last group ended) I have desired to find another such group. I have been part of a men's Bible study group that lasted for about 2 years, but that didn't meet the need to be real.

Earlier this year I had written about Finding a New Men's Group, which was part of a new church. This led to me going to a 24 hour men's retreat on February 27-28. There were about 13 of us on the retreat.

Each of us were given 10 minutes to tell our story. 2 or 3 men shared on Friday evening. Since it was on my mind that I'd be sharing the next day I did a lot of writing about my story that evening and into the night. Since I was sleeping in a large room with 12 beds, with a number of men snoring, it was hard for me to get to sleep. So I spent a lot of time writing.

unfinished, more later

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