28 Jun 2015

A Gift of Camping

Submitted by Stephen Winters

We just got back from camping this weekend.  We have a friend who we've known from church for about 7 or 8 years.  Last weekend he had made his 12 acres available to the church for a camping weekend. Previous to the weekend he had spend countless hours mowing fields (to be used for parking and camping) pruning back many trails, hauling tables and chairs from the church, setting up a volleyball court and other games. However, it turned out that there were other church events happening during this same weekend. In addition it was a scorçhing hot weekend and very few people wanted to be outside. Consequently, although a few people dropped by for a few hours, no one was going to camp there.

When Emmy heard about all the work that our friend had put in preparing for the weekend and that no was going to camp there, she said, "Stephen, we must go camp there for the weekend! We need to go support him."

At first I didn't want to go. I thought about all the work of packing to go camping, of the time I'd loose from work, of how hot the weekend would be.
But then Emmy said, "Think of how awful it would be for him if he went to all that work and no one were to show up." Emmy is very compassionate and is always thinking of how others feel. She is such a good example for me in the area of relationships.

So, last Friday afternoon we packed up our tent and camping gear and spent the weekend camping on our friend's place. He was so appreciative of our coming. Our being there helped to validate all the work that he went through to prepare for weekend campers. While we were there he proudly walked us around all the trails that he had made throughout his whole property. We also ate all of our meals together in his house. Before we came I had thought that Emmy and I would be cooking our meals on our campsite. But, since there were no other campers, he invited us to eat all of our meals with him in his house. That was a real treat for him and us as well. (Since his last child went off to college our friend lives alone. I imagine that he must get lonely at times.)

We camped on his property from Friday night to Sunday night. Although I was resistant at first I am glad that we went.


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