18 Sep 2015

The Modern Church Model

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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In Ancient times very few people could read or write. To share information people could talk to others one by one. While that is often the best way, it takes a long time to tell anyone about the news or message. The other way to share information or messages more quickly was to get everyone together and have a speaker get up in front and tell everyone what needed to be told. That was the best method during that time in history. But, since the advent of the printing press, then later newspapers, radio, television, and now the Internet, the methods of sharing information has exploded.

Yet, the "modern" church model is based upon an outdated .... In the times when the present church model was implemented very few people could read, even fewer could write. So, to share writing with a large group of people it was much more efficient to gather everyone in one place and to speak to everyone at the same time.

However, in this country in this time almost everyone can read and write that outdated mode of communication is no longer necessary or relevant. so, a new model is needed. But, to be frank, new models (plural) are needed. We have many people who are interested in a wide variety of topics.

But, the focus of sthe modern church is also wrong. The focus is not, nor should it be, the preaching of a message, any message. What did Jesus say? "All men will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another. That love is not about talking or preaching. Rather it is about sharing our lives with one another

We no longer come together to hear information or messages. We can all do that at home via reading our Bibles and other wisdom books, television, the Internet, etc. What we can't get at home is the face-to-face fellowship with one another, being real and vulnerable with one another.

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