13 Oct 2015

Faith, Salvation, and Signs

Submitted by Stephen Winters

How can I know that I'm saved?  How can I know that I will not go to hell?  How can I know that my sins will be forgiven?  Will God send me the hell?  And
These were all fear based questions.  These are all assume an angry god who is out to get sinners.

This generation seeks signs and wonders.  Some of the ways they seek the things all:
Praying the sinners prayers
Going to the alter
large crusades
We want to feel powerful.  We want to feel that we made a difference.  We want to think that something we did a
We want to think that if we say the right words that it will change someone else's life.  And yet we don't change own lives.  Anyone who has raised children knows that it takes many years of repeated instruction to bring about responsible behavior.  A    at the

Faith often involves living responsibly for many years without "knowing" what the outcome will be.  In many ways it is like wanting to feel like you are married.  Feeling is an emotion.  And the emotions come and go, they go up and down.  For example, to successfully stay married you must act like you're married and act like you love your spouse (treat her kindly, gently, ...... whether you "feel" the emotion or not.  How many men and women have destroyed their families and the lives of their children because they did not think they had a feeling.  It's not about submitting to your feelings, rather it's about living responsibly.  However, the good news is that you can love your spouse and your children no matter how you feel.  Love is not a feeling.  Love is a verb, it involves action.  It involves how you treat other people.  The good news is that if you treat people with love, and if you continue to genuinely act out all the thoughts and actions of love, then the proper feelings will follow.  However, at this point, any one who is looking for an excuse not to love will make an objection to this.  But that does not change the law of love.  Proper actions will bring proper emotions.

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