16 Feb 2016

Does God Have an Anger Managment Problem?

Submitted by Stephen Winters

For a Christian it is a very scarey concept to question God. In fact, in the Bible it says, "Who are you to question God?" Romans 9:20.

But, this morning the thought came to me that, "God has an anger management problem". To clarify my thought, "The Christian view of God is that God has an anger management problem. There are many times in the Bible where it talks about the anger of God burning fiercely. In fact, there is so much said about God's anger and how we must be careful to avoid God's anger. In addition, we are told that God will burn all of his emenies in the lake of fire and hell, tormenting them mercilessly forever and forever.

We are also told that we are made in the image and the likeness of God AND we are told that we have the mind of Christ (whom Christians claim to be God the Father).

Now, take a close look at the concept of God's anger. If we lived with a human father who angry a lot, what would that feel like? We'd have to tiptoe around the house for fear that we'd get him angry.

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Yes, Yes, Yes!

You see it too! I am thrilled.

If Jesus has any say in the matter, this cannot be the way God truly is. 

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