4 Jun 2017

Life in a Box

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Neatly-Packaged Components of life:

Have you ever notices how many of the “once thought of as important” things of life have been (seemingly) all figured out. All you have to do is do things the way that has already been planned out by other people. For instance;

  • Job/Career: get a job where the duties are all mapped out;
  • School/Education: send the kids to school where they are taught the standard curriculum;
  • Church/Religion: go to a traditional church where the religious beliefs are all neatly figured out. You don’t even have to think about what you believe. If you have any questions, just ask the pastor.

That’s Great! We don’t even have to think about what we want to do, what to teach out kids, what to believe. It’s all been neatly worked out for us. Isn’t that great. Now we can focus on the really important things of life, such as:

  • College Education: how much education and the impressive college degrees
  • Important Job: how high a position we can work up to in the company,
  • Nice House: how big a how we can get
  • Money: how much money we can save up
  • Possessions: how many things we can own


According to society, my wife and I do everything “differently“; we put a lot of effort in trying to figure out how to live our lives, what paths to take, what decisions to make. For example, run our own business, we homeschool the kids, we’re not members of traditional church ….

  • In our business, we sink or swim from the decisions that we make. We don’t do business perfectly, by the book. We’ve had to learn how to set up bookkeeping, scheduling, work times. It’s a lot of work!
  • In educating our children, we regularly have to figure out what to teach them, and when. We scour the countryside, high and low, looking for good educational materials for them. We have to do all of our own lesson planning, correcting and grading the work. It’s a lot of work!
  • In religion, we struggle intently to figure out what is right, and what we believe. We don’t adhere to the teachings any one denomination or religion, but, rather, we seek to find out what is true. We earnestly struggle to work our our faith on a daily basis. We see “church” as treating all those we come in contact with fairly, honestly and compassionately. It’s a lot of work!

But the reward is that the life we live is our own life; no one tells us how to live it. It’s not a prepackaged “just add water and stir” kind of life. We figure out our life as we gos, often through intense struggles and hardships and live out life

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