13 Jun 2007

Daily Living and the Church

Submitted by Stephen Winters

When we try to “do church” or “be the church” we actually mess up the free and natural functioning of the church. In the “doing” of church it becomes artificial and lifeless. When the people “meet as a church” it then becomes all about “us” (about us trying to “act” spiritual). When we “do” church, we take the church out of our daily lives and try to give it a life of it’s own separate from us. The church is not something that we do. The church comes about, the church “lives” and expresses itself as we live and express ourselves. Because we are the body of Christ every day and wherever we are, the church is a natural expression of us and our daily lives as we care for our family, as we help our neighbor. The church is where we are. The church is the body of Christ, and it is alive in the neighborhoods wherever people are expressing God’s love and caring for one another. This could be at a barn-raising, of helping someone pack up and move to a new house, of crying with someone who has lost a family member, of treating a fellow worker responsibly and honorably.

The church is the people. The “church” is a natural and ongoing expression of our daily lives. The church is not some building. The church (Christ’s body) is always present and functioning. Just as Christ’s body is always here and always functioning, the church is always alive and functioning every place God’s people are living and active, in their homes, jobs, schools, every place and every day. We are extensions of Christ’s body, a living and active part of Christ’s church no matter where we are and whatever we are doing.

Expressing the life of God is something that we are supposed to do naturally and organically on a daily basis. We are not supposed to “do” church. We “are” the church every moment of every day.

The church expresses itself (or you could say that the church “happens”) when the members get together for some purpose outside of itself, such as; to help a neighbor, to care for the sick, to comfort the wounded, etc.

The church functions as a church when it doesn’t try to “be” the church. When we try to meet as the church, then the focus is about us and what we are doing. We try to act spiritual, we try to act like we are worshiping God. In the process me hinder the life of the church.

The church is functioning when people are working together for a godly cause, when they are fighting evil by doing good.

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