8 Sep 2009

Following God's Leading

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Much too often people have used the term “Following the Lord”….. to justify doing whatever they want to do. How often to people get tired of struggling or get tired of doing what is right, and then just justify running away by saying, “God told me to go….”. When someone uses the words “God told me… “ or “the Lord led me” etc., it is very easy to use these words to shut people up from asking more details. After all, who are we to “question the word of the Lord.” As for myself, I would be inclined to really question and search out the details of anything where someone says that God told him to do something.

A more appropriate definition of Following God is to “do what is right” and “to fulfill one’s obligations and responsibilities.” One of the characteristics of maturity is discernment, having the wisdom to make responsible and correct choices. Part of this discernment is asking advice of other mature responsible people.

People should not let the words “God told me”, etc. intimate them from asking for more details, or insisting on appropriate behavior.

I use the word “responsible” instead of the word “godly” because people use the word godly to justify all sorts of irresponsible behavior.


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