31 May 2018

A Spotless Life, A Beginning.

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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As I look around me, my house is a mess, my workshop is a mess, the yard is a mess. In the past I have cleaned up this or that, only to have it become a mess again in a very short time. Each time I did the cleaning, I didn't change anything about be, or how I have related to the environment and my surroundings. I've heard it said that the first thing to change is to admit that there is a problem. More than that is to admit my part of the problem. For much of my life I've been a messer-upper. I have not contributed to improving myself or my surroundings in a consistant ongoing manner. Since I started this thought of "a Spotless Life" I have started to look at the environment differently. I've been beginning to start picking up things around me, at least a little bit more than before. One of my hopes with writing this blog series on the spotless life is to keep myself focused and motivated on continually improving myself and my environment.

Start by picking up what is in front of me, moment by moment. Change the way that I enteract with my surroundings. Don't be so comfortable just living in the mess. And mor than that, become  a helper. Help out wherever and whenever I see someone busy (where applicable).

As I walk around my house, my yard and shop, and am busy in my life I see so much of my life that needs to be fixed. I see so much clutter that I need to be picking up as I go. It's like as though I am beginning to see my life and surroundings differently than before. I think I am beginning to take responsibility for my environment, even if it is just a tiny amount.
I think that the trick is to keep focused on what I have control over and not to get distracted by the messes that are part of other people's lives. It would be so easy to judge other people for their messes and Overlook my own messes. So, the message to myself is, keep focused on what I have control over and the ability to change.
I have noticed that Within Myself once I start to clean up a little bit it's like something turned on inside of me that says let's get more plant clean up. Let's get this place cleaned up. When I do a little, it motivates me to do more.
This morning I was motivated to clean out the front porch and sweep the leaves and debris that gathered around it, to clean off the front steps. Then, outside the front railing I used the weed wacker to trim down the weeds and the grass so that our stone walkway with is now cleared off again. I have spent quite a lot of time doing this, but now I need to get out to work in my shop.
In some ways, changing my behavior to start living a more spotless life is like just flipping on a light switch. With the turning on the light comes a stronger awareness of the mess around me AND a desire to do something about it FOLLOWED BY the actions of actually doing it.
Evening: With saying all of that, tonight I messed up. I stayed up until after 11:30 p.m. . This will hurt me tomorrow and trying to get up at an early enough time. This was a slip. I need to get up and get going again. I had gone out grocery shopping and got home about 9:30, which was OK, but then I stayed up and watched a couple of videos, a bad choice. That just sucked my time away. 

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