20 May 2010

The Bible

Submitted by Stephen Winters

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The Bible is-what-it-is no matter what we may think about it. Whether some believes that it is a holy book or if someone believes its a common book doesn't change what the Bible is. It is-what-it-is. Our beliefs don't affect what it already is. However, What we believe about the Bible can greatly affect what forces affect or influence our lives.

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2 May 2010


Submitted by Stephen Winters

What Does Brokenness Mean

What does Brokenness mean? What does it mean to be broken by God?

What Causes Brokenness

A lot of brokenness has to do with receiving the consequences of our own poor behavior. We have had previously been living for our own selfish motives, not caring who got hurt.


What is the Result of Brokenness

We can't seek brokenness ourselves because we seek it in areas where we can manage it, where it won't hurt too much. Many sing about or claim brokenness.

This website is a chronical of my thoughts and ideas and about life, God, religion, character and the like. Over the many years of my journaling and then putting my thoughts on this website, I have been transitioning from from "God is in total control" to where I am now. To show where I started from, here is what I wrote when I started this website.


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