22 May 2010

Matthew 28:19

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Men should not rely upon writings, but upon the truth of God. For example, for years I have heard people quoting Matthew 28:19. For years something has been subtly nagging at me about that verse, but I never recognized the nagging until lately. This morning I did a Google search errors OR mistakes in the Bible "matthew 28:19"   and found these web pages:

6 Sep 2006

Some Thoughts about the Holy Spirit

Submitted by Stephen Winters

As I have grown up in “christianity”, and throughout much of my adult life, I have heard much talk about the “Holy Spirit” and the “Trinity”. We are told that the “Spirit” is a person, one of the “three in one” of the Trinity. Is that true?

What does the evidence say. For one, the word “trinity” is not found in the bible any place. Let’s look at the term “spirit”. Look in Galatians 5:…. It says that the “fruit of the spirit” is a “way of life”, not in such petty things as “speaking in tongues”

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