8 Nov 2012

Scripture Memory?

Submitted by AdminRelig
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When I was younger I used to memorize many Bible verses. I was so proud of all the verses that I had memorized. However, in recent years I am actually repulsed at the idea of "memorizing scripture"

I think it's because there are so many other valuable writings as well. For instance, I just received an email from Carlton Pearson. Within his email was this thought:

11 Oct 2010


Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Today I was listening to Micheal Savage on the radio. During his show he said that one of his professors in college said something like, "Don't worry about memorization. Just learn to get the information when you need it. And know the stuff that is important"

That immediately hit me. So true! I think about how many people memorize the Bible and how I spend years memorizing the Bible. And for what purpose?

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