31 May 2012

Over the years I have seen many outspoken Christians and atheists......
In Reality, I don't think that the views about desire morals and behaviors of the "Christian", the atheist, or the agnostic are all that far apart. What often separates them is misunderstandings, prejudices, personal biases and "doctrine". I sincerely doubt that anyone of these groups would be against being kind to others, dealing honestly with each other, realizing the importance of telling the truth, etc. (The overall heading of these virtues might be love, as follows.

11 May 2012

Believing Versus Knowing

Submitted by Stephen Winters


This morning I read the forward in a book that gave me some answers to a question that was within me, that I hadn't yet put into words. This has to do with the connection between belief and knowledge. Here is a copy of that forward: 


This book contains just information. All information can be (partially or completely) true or false regardless of where it is found. "Great spiritual master", "enlightened guru", TV, a book, Internet and others are sources of information. None of these and no other source of information can give you (real, true) knowledge.

Knowledge is something you build by experience, using the information you receive. The information itself is not knowledge. To build your own knowledge, you can use information from different sources. Having checked the information out and having experienced it, you can say: I know. Until then you were believing, you did not know.

7 Apr 2012

Evidence Based Religion

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Today that thought came to me "evidence based religion". After that thought came to me I did a Google Search on that phrase "evidence based religion." There showed to be 83,500 hits. Evidently I wasn't the first person to have that thought. The website on the top of the list was called Evidence Based Religion. While there wasn't much on that blog, I did find these two useful definitions below.

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