16 Feb 2012

God, Sin, and Hell

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Lately I've been thinking that if God is holy and just, and He is truly loving, then his way of salvation  would be to bring all mankind into his will. What glory would God get to have a large number of his creation go to"hell"? This would mean that God had failed in his creation of mankind.

I've read some writers who said that God is sinless, holy, and just...

4 Feb 2012

Idol Worship in Our Daily Lives

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Today I began to think about Jesus as an idol and I began to do a Google search to see what others have said about this. Among others I found an article titled "Smashing the Jesus Idol of Churchianity"


As I thought about it more I began to realize that idol worship is anything that takes us away from living the life of service that God intended us to live.

3 Jan 2012

In the recents past weeks I have been getting back into exercising with an aerobics exercise video. Even though I used this same video a year and a half ago, it's almost like I'm beginning again. I've going a little slower and paying careful attention to my foot placements, my steps, arm movements and the like. As I begin new exercises I still make lots of mistakes. In addition I've only put a medium amount of effort into it, largely because there are times when I'm unsure about foot placements or hand movements etc..

1 Jan 2012

Conquer Evil By Doing Good

Submitted by Stephen Winters

I've been giving a lot of thought about how to reach people and to teach them how to live godly lives, to live correctly and honorably. It is all to easy to "condemn that which is evil", but is that really helpful? It is very easy to destroy and to tear something apart. It is much more difficult to build something of value. I looked up the saying "overcome evil by doing good. I found where in the Bible it says this: Romans 12:21. As I was looking it up I read the verse in context and saw that this was all good, so copied the whole section here:

31 Dec 2011
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I'm not a fan of In-Your-Face Christianity in any form. True witnessing involves our consistant daily behavior over a long perion of time. Any words (and keep them few) are only validated if they follow our long and consistant behavior of acting with true love, honor, virture, truth, etc. both in our lives and towards others.


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