16 Oct 2015

The Laws of Life.

Submitted by Stephen Winters


Many of our problems in this life happen because events and ... happen according what we told ... to do. The problem is often that we don't know what we told .. to do.

This life is set up to operate by specific guidelines and proceedures (often called laws). When we violate those laws, then we cause problems both to ourselves and to others.For example, some of the principles of life are:

2 Sep 2015

The Call to Go Deeper, In a Small Group

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Deep calls to deep. By going deep we are not referring to knowledge. Rather, we are talking about going deeper in our relationshipw with one another. Developing deeper relationships with other men. "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another."  It is only as we learn to openly and confidently bare  our souls and open our lives fully to our brothers that we can learn to go deeper.

28 Jun 2015

Fix Your Mistakes Promptly

Submitted by Stephen Winters

We all make mistakes. But if we fix out mistakes immediately it's almst as though we never made the  mistake. This weekend we had gone camping on a friend's property. When we had finished camping and departed for home I left my camera at my frien's house. After we had arrived home my friend called and told me that I had left my camera at his house. He offered to drop if by my place after work on the next day. With that I began to think about how my camera would then be left in his car all day.

18 Jun 2015

It seems that whenever I decide to develop a character trait in me that God brings a lot of circumstances into my life to test my resolve and to make it real in me. For instance, the latest principle is to do everything without grumbling and complaining . But how does one do that? So I have just been trying to refrain from grumbling but I still feel the  grumblies within me .


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