28 Jun 2012

Pirate Day?

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Nowadays so many people romanticize pirates. Children's movies and TV programs love to play pirates. Church Vacation Bible Schools often have "Pirate"days. Are these really the examples that we want our children to fantasize about and to emulate?

In reality, pirates were nothing to be romantisized or emulated. Pirates were thieves, butchers, murderers, rapists. and terrorists. They made their living by doing great harm to or killing others.

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4 Jun 2012

From time to time you hear the question, "If there is a God, then why do bad things happen? Why is there evil, disasters and tragedies in this world?" I don't have the answers to that question. But I do have some thoughts. It has been said that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Many good things have come out of seeming tragedies.

31 May 2012

Over the years I have seen many outspoken Christians and atheists......
In Reality, I don't think that the views about desire morals and behaviors of the "Christian", the atheist, or the agnostic are all that far apart. What often separates them is misunderstandings, prejudices, personal biases and "doctrine". I sincerely doubt that anyone of these groups would be against being kind to others, dealing honestly with each other, realizing the importance of telling the truth, etc. (The overall heading of these virtues might be love, as follows.

24 May 2012

How are we to love our neighbors?

Submitted by Stephen Winters


It has been said that we are to love our enemies, pray for those who despitefully use us. What does all this mean?

Jesus quotes as saying, if you... you to go one mile, go two miles.   Give to him who asks of you.... and your Father in heaven.

In aother place it says that we are to be as wise as serpants, but be as harmless as doves

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