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Writing Memoirs
M. Hunt, Journal in a Jar, 2010. [Online]. Available:
The author gives the idea of writing out a lot of journal prompts and putting them in a jar. Then draw one out each day and write in your journal about the idea on the paper. Contained in the article are several pdf files containing some lists of ideas.
Daily PlanIt, The Joy of Journaling, 2007. [Online]. Available:
J. Rember, Writing The Dark Past (11.29.10), 2010. [Online]. Available:
J. S. Jenkins, The Heroines of History. Rochester: Auburn; Alden, Beardsley & Co, 1852, p. Section III, Joan of Arc, Pages 139 & 140.
What is Proof?
D. J. C. Philip, What is Proof?, Submitted.
S. Johnson and Hanson, K. O., Teaching Values in School: An Interview with Steve Johnson, Submitted. [Online]. Available:
This is a very interesting article about character development in schools which also can apply to everyday life. There are also other articles about character development on this website.
Violence decrease
S. Pinker, A History of Violence: Edge Master Class 2011, 2011. [Online]. Available:
This article is about how violence has decreased in the world as the world has become more civilized.
K. Ryan, The Six E's of Character Education, Submitted. [Online]. Available:
An excellent balance article about Character Education
Using Our Dark Side for Good
B. Maher, Bragging about the Negatives, 2007. [Online]. Available:
This articles tells how to turn a strong negative into a strong positive.
G. L. McIntosh and (Sr.), S. R. D., Overcoming The Dark Side Of Leadership, 2011. [Online]. Available:
"Give you some specific steps for overcoming the dark side lurking on your success before ..... When dealing with the past be constructive, without placing blame. ..." The pdf article is attached to the bottom of this page.
D. Logan, About The Book: The Dark Side of Leadership (working title), 2011. [Online]. Available:
This article tells about a book in progress. Part of the message of the book is that people who have had dark pasts can do great things.
Universal Salvation
T. Varney, The Reconciliation of All, Submitted. [Online]. Available:
R. L. Smith, Why Does God Love You?, 2000. [Online]. Available:
I don't know if I agree with this article. But it does have some thoughts worth looking at.