11 Oct 2018

Giving My Wife the Best

Submitted by Stephen Winters
This article was prompted by my wife recently going back to work. With that came a need for a second car, which we just acquired. That second car is ten years old, but it is much newer than our year 2000 car. Now, who would get the "new" car. Of course, that selfish little kid who lives inside of me said, "Me! My car!" But I quickly put that little bugger back to sleep (although it never really sleeps. But I don't need to listen to it.) So, as I checked over and cleaned the car to give it to her, the beginnings of this article began to form in my mind.
My daily aim: Give my wife the best. I've learned, and am still learning, to always give my wife the best of everything that I am and that I have.
What does it mean to give her the best? It's not just a matter of giving her whatever-it-is and then detaching myself from it, rather, it is also to give her myself and the best service along with it. Keep a good attitude while I help her enjoy those best things.
Give those things with my wholehearted blessing along with it.
Watch her and find out what things that I do that please her, and then keep doing them with a good attitude.
Then, you may ask, why should I continually give my wife the best of everything? What do I mean by "the best of everything?" It is not to spend a lot of money to buy the highest priced and best quality items. That would take me way off course, have me spend a lot more time work to pay for everything and/or make me broke. Rather, it is to have the daily moment-by-moment attitude of giving her the best of what I have (Not what I don't have). It can be as simple as slicing an avacado in half and giving her whichever half that my mind says is the best (the side that I want for myself). As I develop that attitude of giving her the best, it disables my selfish mindset of wanting the best for myself. Why should I always seek to give her the best? Because then she will give me the best of herself, her love
Living the live of a willing servant to my wife and my family is one of the most rewarding lives that I can imagine. It just gives me so many good feelings that I'm bringing joy and support to those whom I love. In fact, that is what it means to truly love someone, to give them the best of yourself.
When I continually give myself over to doing what is best for another, it changes who I am. When I'm giving my best to my loved ones, and to others, I'm actually giving the best to myself. What do I mean by that? When I'm constantly thinking about and doing the best to others, I'm bringing out my best attitude, and that is beneficial to me. I'm in a lot better attitude and feel better about myself when I'm giving rather than wanting. In contrast, wanting is a never ending trap that never brings me happiness. When I'm in the attitude of continually wanting, I can never receive everything that I want and so I never feel fulfilled. It is much better to live a life of continually giving my best and in the process to be continually made into a bettter human being. And so shall it be.

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