11 Oct 2018

Living A Life of Service

Submitted by Stephen Winters
When I'm serving others, then I'm using all the stuff around me and thereby connecting with those things, and the environment, in a much deeper and richer way than just sitting around and looking at stuff, and being served.
Doing one's best and giving the best service is a rich and exciting way to live. That means never being satisfied with just doing stuff the same old way, just enough to get by. Giving one's best is living our best life now. It means that our mind is ever active, looking how to do things better and better.
Living the life of a servant gives me a lot of control over my  immediate environment and life's situations because I can make immediated changes and improvements. I can do things right now.
As I am cleaning up around me things begin to speak to me, "clean me", more and more. In fact, things have always been speaking to me, but I haven't been listening, or more appropriately, I haven't been willing to listen. As I clean one thing, then another speaks to me, and then another and another. And, as I clean each thing my living space gradually gets cleaner, neater, and more orderly. And, in the process of cleaning my environment, my innerself is also regenerating.

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