18 Dec 2018

Our Path to the Unitarian Universalist Church

Submitted by Stephen Winters

For years I have been searching, thinking, and writing of the many aspects of faith, life, and our place here on this earth. Having researched, visited, and tried many different churches along the way, we have been looking at different theological aspects of life and have come to understand and realize the value of people from all beliefs and all walks of life.


In the process, I made a wonderful discovery of the Unitarian Universalists Fellowship of Corvallis (UUFC), which embraces many values that are similar to we have also been learning on our journey. When I first wanted to go to UUFC, my wife was a little hesitant, but after thinking it over, she said “Sometimes you have to get on your husband's horse and ride with him. We wives need to be supportive of our husbands.” Once she got connected with these wonderful people, she is so glad that she followed her internal prompting


We have been attending for over a year and are excited about the treasure that we have found. Each Sunday morning people of all religions, belief systems, and walks of life eagerly come to church to be with each other. They genuinely care about one another. You can just hear the hum of enthusiasm as they talk excitedly with one another.


Each Sunday morning the service begins with this:

“We have gathered again once this morning as a community, as seekers of wisdom and inspiration to encourage and enable us to live lives that help heal the world. We have gathered as people, open to the transforming power of love, of life, and deep convictions.

Wherever you have come from, whoever you are, you are welcome here and invited to be your whole and real self. In this religious community, you are free to believe makes sense to you, to live as you live, to love who you love, move how you move. All are invited into this circle that we may help one another, and be helped by sharing the truths that we know.


We love the way that they make everyone feel welcome and included. Everyone is valued and each is allowed to share their own ideas, beliefs, and values, to be their own true selves. This is true freedom of thought, belief, and religion. I love the fact that they are a non-creedal church & each person is free to believe whatever makes sense to him/her. To be encouraged to be authentic and real! What a treasure that is!


My wife started craft day at the church this past year and has a great turn out each month for the women to just come and enjoy each other’s fellowship while they work on all of their projects together. She has established many dear close friends on her new adventures.


I am part of the monthly men’s gathering at church. The men share what is going on in their lives, including their blessings & joys, their griefs, their pain, and their sorrows. What a blessing it is to be part of a group that truly cares about one another, where we are each learning to be real and authentic with one another.


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