19 Dec 2018

Not Normal

Submitted by Stephen Winters

I feel like I am a damaged mixed up sojourner who is just struggling to make it through this life. I have been through so much that has caused me to be "different" than the normal that so many people seem to live in. Yet, I have no desire to be that kind of normal. Even though it is painful to be alone (yet I'm not truly alone) and to be different, to not have people understand, I like who I am and where I am in life. I would not change who I am for anything.

Part of me so desires to have deep personal friends. I want to have friends who know me deeply and still accept me for who I am. And yet, I am not willing to give up who I am just to have friends. And yet I care deeply about people. I want to know who they are, what they think and feel. I want to look deeper than all the surface facade that so many people life behind.

I really like the HasFit exercise video (which has a male and a female instructor) that I'm using today. One thing that the male instructor says at the beginning is to make the exercise yours. In the video that demostrate several different methods of doing the same exercises. He says, "We really encourage you to make this workout your own, increasing the entensity with more weight, or decrease by using less weight or no weight at all."  I so appreciate their approach of encouraging the particpants to make it their own.

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