Fighting Evil

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"Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good." Romans 12:21

In your life many times evil shows itself, trying to entice you. There are at least two evil enticements. One type is to participate in the evil. The second enticements is to fight againsts the evil. This second enticement, the fighting againt evil, may actually be more enticing to some people than participating in the evil. Fighting evil is so enticing. It is a call to our pride, that "we are right" and that "we" are not evil. Evil is that other thing, that which are fighting. However, in many ways, we become like the thing that we keep our mind on. If we keep our mind on "fighting evil", then our mind is on the evil. That is what fills our minds.
If you stop to fight it, then You stop doing the good that you have been doing, and you stop growing.
You actually open yourself up to let evil find a way into your life

Our primary defense against evil is the shield of righteousness. Righteousness is, by ... definition "right acting", or, in other word, "doing good."
In doing good, you continue to build your character, you make yourself, and others, stronger, and you keep your focus and attention where it belongs, on that which is right and true.

However, if we keep our minds filled with doing that which is right, then evil has no place in our lives.

For example, let is take a look at abortion. Many people take up signs and picket abortion centers. They sometimes march and protest, etc.

However, all this "fighting evil" prevents people from looking at the root cause of abortion. It's ownly focus is on the killing of unborn babies. It neglects to cause of abortions: the children who are growing up without loving parents

The fighting evil is much easier. It gives us something to do that doesn't require much from us. We make signs, make a few speaches, make a few protests, and then we go on with our lives.


Successfully overcoming evil usually involves us getting involved, finding solutions, and working through the many difficulties in challenges. Overcoming evil often means that we leave the comfortable status quo and find real solutions to real problems.


We also have to define what evil really is. All to often evil is subtly defined as "things we don't like or are not familiar with" OR things that we don't do" OR "consequences of our own behavior". For instance, if we don't smoke or drink, we look upon smoking and drinking as "evil", but we don't look upon our own gluteny (which is just as bad) as evil. We don't look upon our own prejudice and bigotry as evil, but we judge the prejudice and bigotry of others whom we don't like as evil.