Life Examples

This will start out with examples of children (and or adults) growing up in two or more different families. In one family the child(ren) spend their extra time watching TV, playing games, etc. The older children frequently complain that their parents don't treat them like adults.

In the other family, the children get right in and do their chores and schoolwork first thing. The older children also make out their own chore/task lists. In addition, they are very observant and see the other things that need to be done, or that the parents would like to have done. They follow up each day or series of completed chores by showing their parents what they have done. Then, when they ask for permission to do various things the children give all the details about each event (time, place, who will be there, why they want to go.... The children know that the parents will want to know all these details, so they don't wait to be asked. These children have a proven track record of being truthful, responsible, considerate of others.... Then, when they ask their parents permission, the parents talk it over and readily give permission, as and when appropriate.