I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life

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"I am the way, the truth, and the life." This is such a good pattern for living. Let's break the sentence apart and look at each section.

"I AM"

It all begins with the "I AM" of God. God is Love, God is Spirit, God IS...... While Jesus was here on earth, he lived his life with integrity, honor, boldness. As children of the Most High, we are to live our lives by his character. We are to take on the character and mind of Christ.  We are to live our lives with honor, integrety...

"I am" is present tense, right now. Living in the moment.  Being aware and open to what needs to be done right now, at this instant. Making wise choices in the "NOW"..

"The Way"

As we live our lives in him, by his character and his mind, the "way" becomes obvious. Doors close that are not meant for us. Doors open up before us that take us into ways of living.

"The Truth"

He is the truth, AND he gives truth. Very simply, He always told the truth because he is truth.  In him there is no falsehood. He is anything that is true. When any type of truth comes to us, that is him. And, just as simply, we are to live in truth. That means that we are to always to live by the truth and to tell the truth.

When we tell lies we damage our character.

As we attempt to always tell the truth, we have to distinguish our own thoughts, perceptions, biases, prejudices and opinions from the truth. These things hinder our ability to see the truth.

We also have to realize that the truth is often much more than we know. We are limited in our ability to know the truth. We only know what we know. And yet there is much more to the truth than we are able to comprehend. Part of living by the truth is to seek the truth, to find out what is true is each situation.

In response to many situations in life we respond emotionally, to how we feel at the moment. This takes us outside of the character and life of He who is the truth. Instead, in each situation we should stop, step outside of our emotions, and to think about and seek out what is true. This will often change how we behave and respond in each situation.

"The Life"

The result of our new way of living will be "the abundant life" that he promises us.