Why Do I Do This Website?

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I was a very timid child as I grew up. My father was a dominant personality and always thought that he was right about everything. I never wanted to get in trouble by disagreeing with him. As I grew up that translated that wherever I went, I didn't want to say anything that anyone would disagree with. I rarely shared any ideas that I had. Over the years whenever I went to church, or to bible studies I would just sit and listen and not say much. I didn't question whether the teachers and preachers were correct in their speaking.

In my early forties I did some bad things and experiences some pretty severe consequences, and caused a lot of pain to various members of my family. This led to my going throught twelve years of counseling. I've had to a lot of deep inner evaluation and correcting of erroneous thoughts, ideas, bad habits, improper behavior etc.

That all led to my rethinking much of what I was taught or had picked up. Some years ago I got interested in developing websites, both for my business and for personal. One of the websites I began to develop was about what I was learning in counseling. I continued with that website for some time. After I finished counseling (if one ever finishes learning the many lessons of life) I slowly began to realize that, although that website had been very useful to me, it wasn't appropriate for general audiences. So that led me to create this website, which I've been working on for the last few years.

In this life there are many subtle pressures to conform to what other people think is the right way. A perfect example of this is in the area of religion, more specifically, Christianity. I read that there are over "Christian" denominations in the US. Each of them has a doctrine and a set of beliefs that they consider to be "the true religion". My many years of experience with religion has not been a healthy experience. I learned more of value going through counseling than I have ever gotten out of any church services or Bible studies. This is not to say they hold nothing of value. But it is to say that the "Truth" is much larger than any one religion, or of all religions. Truth can also be found in Science, Psycholothy, Medicine or any other field that seeks to do what is right.

So, consequently my writings focus on far more than just religion. But, before I leave the thought of religion, I want to say this. In my writings I don't seek to agree with or to point to any one religion above another. I seek to find out what is true and write about that. However, I make no claims that what I write it truth. But, it is as much of the truth as I know at the moment that I write each article.

Ultimately, this website is about me researching, studying, and writing about, "What seems true to me." You could rightly say that the practice of my writing the articles are me search out what I believe and what I consider to be true. I view this to be a healthy practice for me so that I can learn to speak out (when appropriate) what I believe. I no longer want to follow along just to fit into someone else's belief system. I want to follow God's leading, not based upon what others say, but upon what God teaches me. As I continue to do the research and the writing, it begins to develop a confidence in what I am learning.

I don't hold to tightly to the things that I think I belief because over the years God has taught me much. At subsequent growth level much of what I learn at that point seems to contradict  what i learned at an earlier level. But I also realize that it's all part of a larger picture. Any particular lesson is not really that important. What is more important is opening up one's mind to learn to see God in all circumstances. God's lessons are all around us if we will open up and be receptive of it.