Loving Your Wife

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What I'm about to tell you only applies if your wife is a normal healthy, mature, and emotionally sound woman. If you married a selfish "cute" girl, then all bets are off.

First, I will tell you about women and then I will tell you your roll.

Women are very sensitive, emotional, and wonderful creatures. Each woman is different and will act differently in each situation.

The key to having a good relationship with your wife is for YOU to always act well, to treat her kindly and respectfully no matter how she acts or what she says in any given moment. For example, she may do things that you don't expect, or she may not do something that you want her to do. It is not about you trying to control her, but you controling yourself. If you learn to put aside all anger, selfishness, attempts to control her in all situations with her, you will do well.


this is not about how your wife will think or act. Rather, it is about how you, as a husband, must think and act.

When I first got married I was immature and did not behave well. I thought mainly about myself and what I wanted.


Some immature or selfish men try to control their wives by anger or intimidation. This may seemingly work for a while, or even for a few years. Typically a wife may withdraw within herself and become overly submissive, or she may explode and get angry in return. Trying dominate a woman will not bear good fruit. You may appear to get compliance for a time, but eventually your domination will either destroy your wife or your relationship with her.


This is one of the biggest lessons that you need to learn. Whenever you and your wife have a fight, argument, you should apologize. Whether you think it was your fault or not, apologize anyway. In any argument it takes two to fight. If you have .. I once heard a husband say that he wasn't at fault. When a husband says that , he is prideful and blind to his own faults. this attitude is very destructive to a relationship. 

As I've heard before, "Do you want to be right or to be happy?"