Asking The Holy Spirit


In trying to plan a new type of project at work I had asked for advice from other professionals. On of the responses was "Ask the Holy Spirit to show you..... He is the best teacher." The  person was kind and considerate in her response and meant well. But her response got me to thinking. What is meant by that response? 

Does that mean that: 

  • the "person" of the holy Spirit gives us skills and knowledge that we haven't learned?
  • the "person" of the holy Spirit gives us special guidance about things that we wouldn't be able to do or learn otherwise
  • Atheists and unbelievers wouldn't be able to do hard stuff?

As a different way of thinking, using the concept of a "pure and blameless mental disposition" I would propose another concept. When a person thinks about what is best for everyone involved, and seeks solutions with this attitude, solutions appear and doors open up that would not otherwise have appeared. But, on the other hand, sometimes the door closes. And that's OK as well.