Your Clothing Reveals Your Identity


Your Clothing Shows Your Identity
Police officers wear clothing that identifies them as Law Enforcment personel
The clothing of each profession tells the onlooker much about each person. It tells the training that each person has had, it shows their character, their skills, etc.
How are you dressing?
Who are we dressing to please
Our clothing should show our identity, who we belong to.
Our clothing reflects our values and morals.
As men and women of faith, we are men and women of virtue, integrity, honor, truth. This is two fold, we both represent who we serve and we represent ourselves.
Our clothes are for others. For example, if you were the only one person on earth, who would you dress? Stop and think! Be honest in your response. Would you spend hours in front of the mirror, would you stress out what to wear? Would you need to wear anything? If you were the only person on earth I would say that how you dressed would be vastly different that the way you dress now. If you were alone on earth there would be no one to honor, no one to protect, no one to please but yourself. If you were to be totally honest with yourself, you'd realize that if no one else ever saw what you wear, you wouldn't care nearly as much about what you wore.
This brings ups an important point. We wear clothing for other people more than for ourselves. It is part of our ways of connecting with them and showing them who we are.